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Contain & Eradicate Threats with Skilled Responders

If you’re impacted by a cyberattack, you need speed and expertise on your side. With Kivu’s 24/7 Response Services, you get immediate support from world-class experts backed by digital forensics. Our team jumps to action — remotely and on-site when you need us — to rapidly investigate, contain, and help you recover from cyberattacks so you can get back to business as usual. 

Incident Response

In today's digital world, cyberattacks target businesses of all sizes, making swift and effective response essential. Established in 2009, Kivu's IR team brings seasoned expertise in neutralizing cyber threats with proven tactics, protecting organizations from unauthorized intrusions. 

Compromise Assessment

Kivu's compromise assessments are crafted to proactively detect and address any potential threats or risks in your IT environment. Whether you're navigating through an M&A, integrating newly acquired IT assets, or defending against a recent incident, we offer the reassurance you need. 

Incident Response Retainer

An IR retainer puts you in control of your cybersecurity readiness. By proactively setting up an agreement with Kivu as your trusted security ally, you can dramatically decrease response times, reduce damages, and lessen the adverse effects of a cybersecurity incident. 

Incident Recovery & Transformation

Minimizing business disruption is crucial for limiting the damage from a cyberattack and ensuring efficient and safe restoration of operations. Our R&T team provides both remote and on-site remediation and recovery support, helping to navigate through challenging times with minimal impact. 

Ransomware Response

Our team specializes in professional negotiation with threat actors, expertly handling high-pressure situations involving cyber extortion. We are globally recognized leaders in ransomware negotiation and the secure facilitation of ransom payments, ensuring the utmost due diligence and compliance. 

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What We Offer

In the chaos of a cyberattack, Kivu helps you stay calm. Our Response Services team supports you from attack to recovery, ensuring the swiftest, most successful outcome. 

  • Swift Response: 24/7 remote and on-site support

  • Damage Limitation: Identify, contain and eradicate threats

  • Quick Recovery: Recover IT environments and resumer business operations

  • Security Enhancement: Improve overall security posture

  • Experience: Highly skilled experts experienced in defensive and offensive operations

Key Outcomes:

  • Clear and concise incident handling and coordination

  • Root cause analysis to determine attack vector

  • Remediation of threats and risks

  • Comprehensive understanding of intrusion lifecycle

  • Safe restoration of IT environment

  • Improve cyber resilience and security posture

  • Negotiate lower ransom payments with highest degree of compliance

  • Expert witness testimony

Expert Analysis & Recovery Anytime, Anywhere

At Kivu, we swiftly analyze and tackle cyber incidents, focusing on containment and recovery. Our experts determine who was involved, what happened, and whether any data was accessed - and we do this immediately with on-site or remote assistance. 

Our patented Incident Response method uses cutting-edge technology and expert analysis to collect and preserve data quickly, stopping threats in their tracks. Available 24/7, we can scan large networks quickly without the need for on-site personnel, reducing costs. 

Kivu's Digital Forensics and Incident Response team restores operations swiftly, working closely with law firms to provide defensible evidence. Our certified analysts, many with law enforcement and military backgrounds, offer expert testimony and support, ensuring comprehensive recovery and peace of mind. 

Proudly Leading the Fight Against Cybercrime

As part of our commitment to fight cybercrime, Kivu was selected for three elite US Government/Private Sector Task Forces based on our extensive expertise in dealing with cybercrime.

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Joint Ransomware Task Force

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Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative


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Ransomware Task Force


"The attentiveness of Kivu's response team was exceptional. They kept us informed every step of the way, making a stressful situation much more manageable."

What Our Clients Say

"It was such a relief to have Kivu handle negotiations. They handled all communications and significantly reduced the ransom amount. Their professionalism and strategic approach gave us peace of mind during a very challenging time." 
"Kivu's response team was phenomenal in getting our services back up and running quickly. Their swift actions and expertise minimized our downtime and ensured a smooth recovery process."
"The team at Kivu was very supportive, knowledgeable, and relentless in their communication.  They kept our team informed at every turn and we appreciated their vigilant responses to the threat actors.  Overall, it was a stressful time, but we felt that Kivu tackled the situation with finesse."

Dir. Risk Management

Construction Services

What Our Clients Say

"We have been with several different providers from the very big, to the boutique, and no one has matched our requirements as well as Kivu. When we need them, they are very responsive, and have the experience and expertise to deliver the services we require, when we require them."


Information Services

"The Kivu team were the Beacon of Light in treacherous waters during our ransomware attack. Offering not just first class advice, but delivering it in such a reassuring and confident manner that eased our worries at a time where we felt like we had lost all control."


Legal Services


Experiencing an Active Incident?

For urgent incident response support call +1.855.548.8767 (US), +44 203 997 8334 (UK) or email We're standing by 24/7.

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