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Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats With Kivu's CyberCertainty

Kivu’s CyberCertainy Managed Services protect your company in real-time, 24x7, providing agile protection, detection, and blocking of modern cyberattacks. Get access to advanced cyber experts and industry-leading technology, including AI and automation, providing reduced risk and increased cyber resilience.

We leverage insight from 14+ years as a leader in incident response and cyber-extortion, along with open-source, commercial, and our own proprietary threat intelligence to identify new and emerging threats faster and more effectively, giving you the cyber certainty to focus on growing your business.

Kivu CyberCertainty Managed XDR Services

Quickly identify and respond to endpoint, network, cloud, identity, and other threats in real-time with leading technology combined with Kivu threat experts. 

Managed SIEM

Extend log monitoring and security event triage to additional log sources as well as collect and retain logs for compliance support. 


Protect critical networks and applications from DDoS and web-based attacks. 

Endpoint Detection & Response

Protect and monitor your VMs, servers, workstations, laptops, and mobile devices with industry-leading software and our 24x7 SOC.

Discover, analyze, and respond to network threats with advanced technology backed by Kivu's expertise. 

Identify phishing, business email compromise, ATOs, and malicious code while supporting data protection and compliance requirements. 

Identity Threat Detection & Protection

Rapid detection of identity-based threats and exposures in real-time, providing actionable insights to stop or respond to modern attacks. 

Cloud Detection & Response

Identify misconfigurations and exposures as well as real-time threats to cloud infrastructure and server-less workloads. 

Vulnerability, Attack Surface, Asset Management, & Intelligence Services

Rapidly identify security exposures and misconfigurations and prioritize for remediation. 

Attack Surface Management

Discover and reduce your internal and external attack surface. 

Asset Discovery & Management

Discover your full IT estate and all connected assets and applications. Optionally assign owners and classification. 

Deep & Dark Web Monitoring

Detect if your user information or critical data has been exposed or is for sale on the dark web and identify potential future threats. 


Full Visibility

Eliminate blind spots with visibility across endpoints, network, cloud, identities, and more. 

Best of Breed Technology

We select and integrate best-of-breed solutions, ensuring our customers have the best protection possible. 

Threat Intelligence

We gather our own Kivu proprietary threat intelligence and utilize it along with numerous open-source and commercial intelligence to inform our identification of threat actors and their tactics, techniques, and practices (TTPs).

Fully Managed 24x7 Service

We fully manage the technology and all policies and detective content. Leave security to us experts, focus on your business. 

Active Threat Hunting

We don't sit back and just wait. We actively perform retroactive threat hunts for unidentified threat actor activity. 

Rapid Response Support

We don't just monitor your environment 24x7. Our team is available to answer your questions as well. Your questions and needs are never de-prioritized, and you won't have to wait days for a response. Security can never wait. 

Advanced Technology 

Kivu partnership with CrowdStrike
Kivu partnership with Cloudflare
Kivu partnership with RunZero
Kivu partners with Lumu
"Rapid threat detection is one of the things that helped my company the most. Kivu performed perfectly and provided great security for our company."



What Our Clients Say

"We have been using Kivu for 3+ years and have been truly satisfied with their service. They are very reactive in all aspects of their business and go to the next level to ensure we are taken care of as an MSP."


Managed Service Provider

"This tool notifies us when there is a compromise on accounts we have configured. We have had much success and are able to show value to clients to sign up. It allows us to customize what we are looking for and support clients."

Vice President

Managed Service Provider


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