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Kivu Serves High Growth Companies

Kivu serves the needs of start-ups, technology, and other high-growth companies.

Start-up and high-growth businesses may not have not the staff or the available funds to strengthen their systems and networks against cyberattacks. Often, their need to focus on products may lead to limitations in infrastructure investment.

With our origins and head office in San Francisco, Kivu has extensive expertise serving the cyber security needs of start-ups, technology, and other high-growth companies. We recognize that no organization is immune to attack and that a company’s brand, reputation, intellectual property (IP), and trade secrets may be at risk. Kivu has often worked with companies to prevent or address IP theft.

Kivu provides expert risk management and prevention services for start-up and high-growth businesses. Our analysts assess an organization’s ability to respond to a security intrusion and identify the most practical measures it can take to improve its readiness.

In the event of a real or suspected cyber incident, Kivu works with a company’s internal IT department to determine whether an intrusion has occurred, and the extent of the damage. Kivu personal can work onsite, as well as from remote locations, allowing for quick, effective response

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