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Kivu Consulting Elects Shane Sims as Chief Executive Officer

Kivu Consulting, a leading global cybersecurity consulting firm, announced that Shane Sims has formally been appointed Chief Executive Officer.  Sims brings decades of executive leadership and experience in cybersecurity incident response and forensics, cybersecurity strategy/risk/compliance, and national security.  He was previously a Principal at KPMG focused on cybersecurity strategy services and a Principal at PwC where he built and led its Cybercrime and Data Breach response business.  Prior to these roles, Sims was a Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI where he held multiple leadership positions.

“As the cybersecurity ecosystem continues to transform, there is no better person to lead Kivu than Shane Sims,” said Winston Krone, Chief Research Officer, and Cofounder at Kivu. “Shane is a visionary with hard-core cybersecurity skills and a proven leader with the ability to bring people together. We are fortunate to have someone of Shane’s caliber and experience step up to lead Kivu as the company enters its next chapter of expanded innovation and growth.”

“We are at a critical moment, and Shane’s leadership and vision will enable us to successfully implement our renewed corporate strategy”, said John Garrison, Kivu’s Chief Financial Officer. “In his first days as CEO, Shane has been instrumental in redefining our internal organizational structure to support our rapid growth. He has thoughtfully reconfigured and streamlined our teams into three core divisions to better align with the market demand and ensure Kivu remains nimble and competitive.”

Kivu’s divisions include:

  • Kivu’s Advisory Services combines strategy with implementation and testing support to ensure clients continuously improve and mature their security capabilities. Leveraging deep threat insights captured through our incident response engagements, Kivu works with clients to ensure organizations have the right strategy, compliance programs, and technology in place to reduce cyber risk.

  • Kivu’s elite cyber threat analysts are in the trenches of the global cyber battlefied providing continuous monitoring of client assets and detecting and blocking suspicious activity in any digital ecosystem in all business sectors across the globe.

  • Cyber threats continue to impact organizations globally, and Kivu’s Response division stands ready to forensically triage, identify, contain, eradicate, and remediate after any cyberattack. Within our Response team is a specialized group of individuals who provide tactical and strategic support when clients need to communicate with cyber extortionists or facilitate a ransom payment with a  track record of significantly reducing ransom demands.

“Kivu is one of the original pure-play cybersecurity consultancies that has battled cyber threats for thousands of organizations across the globe,” said Shane Sims, Kivu’s Chief Executive Officer. “Powered by a diverse, focused, and talented workforce, Kivu is well-positioned to uphold its mission to fight cybercrime and protect humanity. I’m excited to join a firm with such proven capability providing holistic end-to-end cybersecurity solutions and look forward to building on the company’s history and foundation to further develop Kivu and have an impact on this never-ending global societal challenge called cybercrime.”

About Kivu Consulting

Kivu is a leading global cybersecurity firm that offers a full suite of cybersecurity services including forensic investigation of, and recovery from, all forms of cyberattacks, continuous monitoring/detection/blocking of cyber threats, and strategy/compliance and testing. Kivu is an approved and trusted cybersecurity partner by 60+ insurance carriers and delivers its services to organizations in all industries.

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