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Kivu Awarded Patent for IR Technology

Kivu, a global cyber security solutions provider and trusted partner to insurance carriers and law firms, announced today it has been successful in its application for a patent for its proprietary technology used to remotely collect data as part of its cyber incident response service.

The granting of the patent for Kivu’s Enterprise Collection Tool (KECT) further cements Kivu’s market-leading position as an incident response and forensic analysis provider.

Kivu’s proprietary technology is a remote rapid response tool that performs a non-invasive and stealthy scan of IT systems. It is a self-contained, lightweight tool that does not require installation, does not install any agents or services, and leaves no footprints on IT systems.

KECT was engineered to find Indicators of Compromise (IOC) fast, enabling Kivu’s expert analysts to quickly identify and resolve cyber incidents.

KECT has been used in over 600 cases since 2016, collecting data from networks of up to 100,000 endpoints within 60 minutes of deployment.

With only a simple download and easy implementation software, KECT can start running on victims’ networks within 30 minutes of the engagement kick-off call. This saves crucial response time during a cyber-attack.

The US Patent and Trademark office granted KECT patent no 10,609,065 in March this year. Applications in respect of other territories are in process.

“Effective incident response is all about speed, expertise, and cutting-edge technology and KECT epitomizes all these aspects,” said Elgan Jones, managing director at Kivu. “Losing valuable time to on-site travel can cost a business millions, which is why having access to an incident response service that is agentless and can be deployed remotely with minimal input from the client IT team is so crucial. We’re proud to deliver this secure and scalable offering.”

Commenting on the successful patent application, Winston Krone, global managing director of Kivu, added: “This is a tremendous achievement for us. The award of this patent reinforces the strength of our technology offering and our market leadership.

“When we first developed this technology, we were the first to market which is testimony to the innovative culture we foster at Kivu,” he said.

To find out more about our incident response services and extended enterprise cyber security portfolio, contact us at

About Kivu

Kivu is a leading global cyber security firm that offers a full suite of pre-and post-breach services, specializing in forensic response to cyber-attacks and ransomware incidents. We deliver cutting-edge cyber security solutions to organizations in need and are a trusted cyber incident partner to insurance carriers and law firms worldwide.

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