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Cyber Extortion & Ransomware

Kivu has built an industry-leading reputation combating cyber extortion and responding to cyber-crime, enabling our clients to make informed cost-effective decisions. Our cyber extortion team includes analysts who are fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, and Chinese (Mandarin). They are trained in complex negotiation procedures, and they are highly experienced in hacking techniques and protocols.

Kivu’s expertise spans denial of service, ransomware, theft of confidential information, and threat to damage the network.


Whether a stand-alone attack to force payment of ransom, or a means to disrupt and open a system for network penetration, denial of service attacks obstinately remain a threat to organizations – whether online retail, public entities, or political groups.  Kivu has advised such organizations on pre-emptive safeguards, responded to their defense during attacks and worked with partners to block malicious traffic before it even hits our clients’ networks.


Ransomware, preventing users from accessing their files, applications or systems until the victim pays the ransom, is becoming an ever more common method of cyber extortion. Kivu’s ransomware analysts are trained negotiators who will communicate with the attackers using their native foreign language and pre-created online identities. Our analysts can provide an anonymous bitcoin payment within hours, confirm that the decryption keys provided by the attacker work correctly, and ensure that evidence regarding the attackers is preserved for law enforcement. Learn more…


With significant assets held as proprietary information, organizations are constantly targeted by cybercriminals, who use sophisticated hacking techniques, social engineering, and malicious insiders. Kivu helps its clients prepare for and respond to these attacks, using lessons learned from a decade of investigating cyber crimes.


Organizations face real threats of cyber damage from hacktivists, disgruntled employees, and nation-states hackers. Kivu has responded to incidents ranging from denial of service to physical damage caused by deliberately malfunctioning industrial control systems.

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