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Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies Announces New Cybersecurity Partnership with Kivu to Provide Insights and Benchmarking of Effective Controls to Ransomware Threats.

Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies (CCRS) and Kivu Consulting, Inc. have combined efforts to pioneer new research to improve the response to cybercrime. This research combines a novel dataset on ransom payment information, company attributes, and effective security controls for remediation to support Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Research Officers (CROs), and Risk Managers in assessing and managing the threats posed by ransomware.

CCRS and Kivu’s partnership will establish a first-ever data set that aligns the cost of cybercrime’s impact on corporations with effective mitigation strategies. This research aims to provide actionable intelligence to businesses to enable decisive action against cybercrime with the ability to benchmark cyber control readiness and improvements.

“This research partnership is designed to quantify the value of specific cybersecurity defenses and connect it to a company’s bottom line,” said Winston Krone, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer and Kivu. “Kivu’s evidence-based data set from +8 years of experience responding to ransomware events, fused with the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies’ comprehensive cyber risk frameworks, will establish practical benchmarks for more effective cybersecurity management,” said Krone.

“One of the biggest challenges with understanding cyber risk is the lack of transparent and detailed data. We are excited to embark on this collaboration with Kivu to harness their cyber incident response expertise and data with the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies cyber risk modeling frameworks.” Jennifer Copic, Senior Risk Researcher, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

About Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School

  • The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies rigorous scenario-based framework integrates a wide range of threat classes, including financial, geopolitical, technology, environmental, social, and governance, including cyber.

  • The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies is based within the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. The Centre works closely with business partners in tackling complex issues of management science in risk. This policy of deep engagement has enabled the Centre to develop relevant solutions for businesses. The Centre’s leadership combines academic excellence with industry experience.

  • Further information on Cambridge’s Scenario Suite and other risk management resources can be viewed at com

About Kivu

Kivu is a leading global cyber security firm that offers a full suite of pre-and post-breach services, specializing in the forensic response to and recovery from cyberattacks and ransomware incidents. Kivu delivers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to organizations in need and are a trusted cyber incident partner to insurance carriers and law firms worldwide.

For further information please visit KIVUCONSULTING.COM or email contact

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